What is Content Coaching?

Content Coaching is a simple way to do message training from your phone – anytime, anywhere. This is the easiest way to allow communicators to practice the important story because instead of intensive logistics, they simply use their phone in a non-threatening environment at their convenience.  It’s so easy and cost-effective, communicators can practice multiple times, ensuring they can truly get better and better at delivering the important messages.

How does Content Coaching work?

  • Trainees receive a welcome email with questions, key messages, tips and tools
  • Content Coaching sends trainees a text confirming their mobile phone
  • Another text is sent with a phone number link and code to initiate the training call
  • Trainees have a time frame agreed on in advance to complete the call
  • An introduction on the call explains the simulated Q&A
  • A recorded voice asks the questions
  • Trainees answer each question and their responses are recorded
  • Trainees have more than one chance to record their responses
  • At the end of the call trainees are told that their responses are being reviewed and they will receive their feedback through email shortly
  • You, a Content Coach, or both may provide feedback and coaching
  • Content Coaching provides feedback reports on each individual trainee
  • Reports have general and specific comments about strengths and improvement areas
  • An overall report for all trainees on each question also may be provided

Why is mobile training good/better?

Content Coaching is the easiest way to practice your key messages because you’re simply calling into training from the comfort and convenience of your phone. It’s easy, it’s portable and it’s still high quality training and feedback, without the logistics and cost of in-person or group training.  Content Coaching does not replace formal, in person message training. In cases where teams need to practice, where you may want to gauge the skills or readiness of a large team of communicators, or where logistics and costs of formal training are not realistic, Content Coaching is a great complement or option.

How do we get started on training?

Starting a Content Coaching session begins with identifying the messages and the questions. If you already have done this, the Content Coaching team can use what you have to set up the training sessions. If you have not, the Content Coaching team can work with you to determine the best questions and key messages for what you need. We’ll decide together on a plan for providing feedback – whether that comes from Content Coaching, you or a combination of both. Then we identify the number of trainees and collect names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers. We work with you to decide who and how to communicate with trainees, using our materials or helping you create your own. We set up the training session(s) and send the texts out to trainees to initiate the calls. We create and provide the feedback reports to individuals and to you overall. Then we initiate a second pass at training depending on need and your preference.

Who are the Content Coaches? Who will be providing training and feedback?

Content Coaching is part of Content Laboratory, a communications and branding consulting firm. Our Content Coaches are communications pros with decades of experience leading corporate communications, product communications, brand programs, PR campaigns, marketing and sales programs and writing for national media outlets. Content Coaches can help you any way you want — simply setting up sessions removing logistics from your plate or by helping all the way to complete turnkey implementation, creating questions and messages, providing feedback, coaching and communicating with trainees. We’re here to provide you with as little or as much support as you need.

What if we want someone else to do the training?

Content Coaching is a tool to help make key message and story practice easier for your teams.  We can work with you on making the logistics simpler and leave all the coaching to you or the team of your choice, or we can help you with everything.  We have many options available and it’s up to you how you would like to use Content Coaching and the level of support you want.

Do we (customers) communicate with the people being trained or do you?

You can purchase any level of support you may require – from Basic, where you do all the communicating and some of the management to Turnkey, where we do more of the communicating, management and feedback. In some of our packages, we do virtually everything with your approvals along the way.

What kind of preparation is required to set up coaching sessions?

To get you set up on Content Coaching sessions we need the questions and the key messages, as well as the names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers of the trainees. We can provide more or less support depending on what you need for development of messages, communications with trainees and analysis of their responses. The level of support we provide for setup and feedback is based on your preferences and needs.

How many people can be trained?

One of the important benefits of Content Coaching is that you can train one person or hundreds of people with ease in an environment that is comfortable and convenient for them. It is a practical way to allow many communicators to practice the important story, more than once.

What kind of preparation is provided to people being trained prior to the training?

People participating in a Content Coaching session receive a welcome email that is an introduction to the process and the way it works. They also receive the questions they will be asked, the key messages and a tips and tools reference to help deliver strong responses during Q&A. Participants receive a mobile phone confirmation text and then another to help them initiate the phone call training session. On the call they are provided further instructions and information about how they will receive feedback.

How do you know enough about my messages to know how to provide feedback?

If you have opted to have our Content Coaches provide feedback to your trainees we’ll spend time with you going over the questions and the messages to really understand what you want to achieve with the trainings and how to best provide coaching. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to review, edit and approve any feedback and coaching that goes to your trainees. Together, we’ll make sure they have the best chance to practice and improve their skills at delivering your important story.

Will my team’s responses be secure? Who has access to training results?

The responses are secure.  We ensure that all content and reports are placed on ContentWeb, a portal that has best-in-class, bank-level security.  Additionally, we only store your content and reports for 30 days and then we purge them off all servers.  Only the Content Coaches working on your sessions have access to our servers and ContentWeb spaces at any time.